Session Cello Recording

Remote online recording

Remote online recording of cello and string parts

With over 20 years experience of writing and recording, I can offer a quick turnaround on very high quality writing and recording. With a professional setup at home, I augment the rich world of sounds available on my 200 year old cello with a range of mics, including 'onstage' close mics, single mic setups or a stereo pair depending on the environment you will be using the recordings.

Got a part notated already?

If you've got a part notated already, I can usually offer a full turnaround in 48 hrs. Send me details of the project, what it's for, where it will be used and what sound you're looking for. After an initial email agreement, it's usually best to send an mp3 of the track you want it played onto. I can then send three finished takes to you for notes and suggestions if you'd like them playing any differently. Once you're happy with the results, we can make payment by BACS or Paypal and you will be sent the finished solo stubs as AIFF, Protools or any file format you like. As a rough guide, cello throughout a 3 minute song would be around £100 finished to top specifications.

Need the notes writing?

As professional composer and arranger I'm always happy to write music for tracks. You can send me a mix of the track with a sung/computerised or other interpretation of what you'd like and I'll notate. I'm also happy to create some options for you, which will be prepared on Sibelius and sent to you for approval first. Or, you can give me a chance to freely improvise, which is perfect for film or advertising, in which case a number of different takes can be sent to you for approval as above.

Need more than cello?

As a string quartet player and fixer, I can provide strings for any size of project. Remote recording of multi-tracked string quartets can normally be turned around in 72 hours once the project is finalised. Strings can then be layered to any size. If it's a studio based project, I can normally provide a group of up to 20 players to be recorded 'as live'. Email me for more details.

Some examples of my work

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Dury Loveridge - Cellist, Cello Teacher, Arranger, Composer Performer - Bristol, UK

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