Session Cello Recording

Recording cello and strings at your studio

Need cello or string parts recording at your studio?

With over 20 years experience of writing and recording, I specialise in nailing what you want in just a couple of takes. This means you can get more recorded with less studio time.

Got your notes ready?

If you've got your notation ready, you can send it to me with a mix of your track in advance. This means that we can normally just check things through whilst the engineer sets up, and have everything down in just a couple of takes.

Need me to write it for you?

No problem. Send me an mp3 of your track and I'll send you back a few ideas as a rough recording made at home. Once we've got it as you want it, I'll notate it and bring the sheet music to the studio with me.

Need more than one player?

As a string quartet player and fixer, I can provide almost any number of string players for your studio session. Just send me an email with as much detail as possible and I can advise you about requirements and costs.

How much does it cost?

I charge based on the industry standard Musicians' Union rates. However, for charity recordings or similar I am open to negotiation. Likewise, if it's a very short recording you are looking for, send me an email and I'll see what I can do. Sometimes it might be worth considering a remote recording.

Some examples of my studio based work

Dury Loveridge - Cellist, Cello Teacher, Arranger, Composer Performer - Bristol, UK

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