Session Cello Recording

Fees for projects

Fees for recording

Fees are tailored for each individual project. They are largely based on the Musicians' Union recognised fees.

Remote Session Recording

Fees for remote session recording start at £80 for a short recording where notation is provided, and £120 if I am preparing notation for you.

Studio Appearance

A standard session is normally 3 hours, for which I charge the standard MU fee. However, if your session is likely to be substantially shorter, or is for the benefit of charity, I am happy to work at an hour rate plus travel. In most cases it will start at £100, but it is best to contact me with details.

Need more than one player?

Remote multi-tracked recording is substantially cheaper as I can provide all of the instrumental tracks 'in house', so start at £150. For a studio based session, or a live recording involving multiple players, an indicative prive would be £400 for a 3-5 minute recording of a string quartet.

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